Zultanite gemstone cluster ring
Zultanite gemstone ring
zultanite gemstone cluster ring

Zultanite Gemstone Cluster Ring IN Sterling Silver

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Zultanite Gemstone Ring In Sterling Silver

Metal: sterling silver

Gemstone: Multi size gemstones of Zultanite Caret weight in total is 2.5

Size: 7.5

Color: ginger brown/ pink

Adult: female

This is a exotic rare gemstone call Zultanite is comes from only one mine in the world in Turkey. Its known for the varies shades that you can see in the beautiful gems, the colors range from zinger brown, to green and pink tones. This ring is round and has several smaller size gemstone to make a modern looking ring in this rich color gemstone. This is a real treasure for someone who loves to collection rare gemstones. You will enjoy this ring and love all the shades in this gemstone.