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Although considered in the category of gemstones, pearls are the only gem material that forms within a living thing, and that is why they are unique. Unlike diamonds, rubies, and other stones, pearls do not require cutting or polishing as they look stunning in their natural form.....
Choose from our pearl rings, According to historical beliefs, pearls symbolize wisdom and experience while offering good luck, wealth and protection. Wearing a pearl brings a balance to your karma as they have a serene effect. Pearls symbolize the wearer’s loyalty, generosity and relationship strengthening.

Aside from the symbolic effects, wearing a pearl necklace or bracelet gives signals of purity and integrity. The elegant and eye-candy jewelry by The Butler Collection brings out the best in your personality with a positive vibe.

We have the best collection of natural white, gold and teardrop pearl necklaces combined with sterling silver and gold materials. Nothing in this world can match the natural beauty of pearls, and at The Butler Collection, we have ready-made jewelry available for you. You can also customize them according to your preference.
We have the best collection that suits your personality and will add to your beauty and elegance.

If you are or have ever been fascinated by pearls, you certainly want to wear many different type of pearl necklace. Such as freshwater pearls, mother of pearl, and saltwater. They are good on woman of all ages and goes well with all types of outfits. Whether you are wearing a gown, or a shirt, it will blend perfectly with your ensemble. It adds grace and class to your personality. Pearls are often worn by movie stars, to enhance their fashion looks.

Known as, the “Queen of Gemstones”, the pearl is often considered a gemstone, even those it is not a mineral. Unlike other gemstones, pearls are formed by a living organism and don’t need any abrading or polishing. They naturally have a luster to them, and look gorgeous just as they are. That’s what makes them precious and unique.

Choose from our unique collection of pearl necklaces. We use coin, and round as well as baroque pearls. All our pearls are genuine and high-quality. Our pearl jewelry designs retain the natural beauty of pearls our appreciation of nature. We believe that nature is best kept in its raw form and create designs that preserve that ‘rawness’ rather than refining it.

Our Natural White Pearl Necklace in Gold accurately reflects this belief. It shows a round white pearl inside a mollusk shell beautifully designed in gold. A mollusk shell is where a pearl originates, and the necklace depicts that phenomenon. Using a freshwater white teardrop pearl on an 18-karat gold chain, our Golden Teardrop Pearl Necklace is another masterpiece from our team at the Butler Collection. It shows the transformation of a water drop into a pearl.

All our necklaces are designed to bring out the best in you and emit positive energy. We put our heart and soul into every pearl necklace we create and make sure it is a meaningful accessory to complement your look.

If you are looking for a beautiful yet meaningful pearl necklace that uses a genuine pearl, you are at the right place. It will make you feel as precious as a pearl.

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