Green amethyst gemstone ring
Green amethyst gemstone ring

Genuine Green Amethyst Gemstone Ring In Sterling Silver

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Green Amethyst Gemstone Ring In Sterling Silver

Metal: sterling silver

Gemstone: princess cut 20 caret Green Amethyst gemstone

Size :8.5

color: light green

adult: female

This is a beautiful statement ring is for a woman who loves a large gemstone. It simple setting of sterling silver, allows the green amethyst gemstone to speak for itself. This woman's gemstone ring has loads of sparkle and light lovely green color.

Uniquely Designed Green Amethyst Rings

Green amethyst has been a rare yet very unique gemstone with attractiveness not found anywhere else. The Butler Collection takes advantage of this rarity and brings you a green amethyst rings collection that will capture your attention and everyone around. Heather and her team have designed these rings with care and used each stone piece very carefully. These rings on your fingers will make your style more attractive and show your taste to everyone around. Browse through various designs of our green amethyst rings to make your fashion statement clearly and boldly.

Product Description:
Featuring a princess-cut, 20-carat genuine green amethyst, this green amethyst ring is for the sophisticated.


It is simple, elegant, and classy. You can wear it with any costume you have in your wardrobe, and it will perfectly blend in.
Green Amethyst is the light-green, transparent member of the Quartz family. It is believed to help stay sober and alert. The soft, glistening green shade will immediately endear it to you. Its beauty needs no side stones or intricately designed frame. The Butler Collection cleverly prong-sets it on a simple rhodium-plated sterling silver band to highlight its magnificence.
Define your class with this green amethyst ring from the Butler Collection!