Citrine gemstone ring
Citrine gemstone ring
Citrine Gemstone Ring in Sterling Silver - butlercollection
Citrine gemstone ring

Citrine Gemstone Ring in Sterling Silver

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 Material: This woman's ring is made of a very high cut citrine gemstone, which is set into sterling silver. This ring has a simple setting to show off the beautiful 15K citrine gemstone.

 Size: Ring size is 8.

Color: gold

Gender: female

Condition: new

Origin: Canada

Age group: adult

Citrine is the honey-toned crystal member of the quartz family known as an affordable gem. The price of citrine gemstone rings can vary greatly depending on the color, clarity, and cutting. Citrine was the preferred gemstone jewelry in the Victorian and Art Deco era and is also popular today. .  ...

Wearing citrine gemstone rings makes for engaging and distinctive jewelry. The gemstone is a popular choice for engagement rings and a number of special occasions and celebrations. The warm tone of a flawless Citrine with the brilliance of classic Diamond makes unique romantic jewelry.

Made from sterling silver and finished with rhodium, this beautiful ring from our collection of citrine gemstone rings features a high-cut 15-karat citrine. It would make an excellent addition to your everyday go-to jewelry collection

Citrine is the honey-toned crystal member of the quartz family. The popularity of this beautiful golden-yellow stone dates back as far as the 18th century when the Victorians were particularly fond of it and wore jewelry heavily studded with it. Known as the “Stone of Success”, it was also frequently worn by Chinese emperors. It gained even more popularity in the Art Deco era, the time when decorative art and architecture saw a major change.

Crystals are quite famous in Hollywood. Celebrities wear them for the positive energy and healing power they carry. From Kate Hudson to Victoria Beckham, many well-known Hollywood personalities like to wear them. Dove Cameron has been spotted wearing citrine jewelry on multiple occasions. Naomie Harris and Tara Reid have sported citrine on the red carpet.

What makes this gemstone all this famous is its stunning yellowish hue, amazing metaphysical physical properties, and above all, affordability. For all these reasons, it’s a popular choice of jewelry for all kinds of occasions. It could even be a wonderful cheap alternative to a diamond for your engagement ring. Natural citrine is rare, but the Butler Collection uses only natural and real gemstones. All citrine gemstone rings from the Butler Collection use genuine citrine.

Looking for affordable yet genuine citrine gemstone rings? We have them! Shop with us to get the most authentic gemstone jewelry at the best price.