Citrine natural gemstone ring
Citrine gemstone ring

Statement Citrine Gemstone Ring

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Natural Citrine Gemstone Ring

Metal: sterling silver

Gemstone: 18.66 CWT Natural facet oval  cut citrine gemstone

Size: 7

Color: gold

Gender: female

This is a simply design in this ring to allow for the stunning gemstone to show off its luxurious color and sparkle. This statement ring will be a treasure you will have for years to come. Its golden colors will work well with many fashion looks.

Citrine is the birthstone for November. This gemstone is known to called the money stone and is said to bring good luck

The Citrine in this rings comes in from Brazil its where Citrine is known to gets its deeps golden tones from.

Citrines symbolizes individual condfidence,  It also said to bring self renewal of positive energy. Helps to relieve depression and aids the nerves system with its healing energy.