Three things you must know when choosing jewelry for your outfits!

Why should we embellishing our looks with jewelry? Have you ever eaten cake without the icing, and trimmings, on top of the cake? Somehow it wasn’t as satisfying, or it didn’t really look as good, to us, as when we had cake, with all the trimming rights?

Well, it’s kind of the same thing really, when we see a great outfits, on a woman, without jewelry. It looks unfinished, not properly put together. Something is missing, her image is not polished. Our eyes pick up on the little twinkle of sparkle, which may be on her neck, or around her arm. Perhaps on her fingers or ears. Somehow we stand out, our outfits come to life. Our images are enhanced, and we ourselves stand a bit taller, and more confident. Because human nature is such, that when we look good, we feel better about ourselves. Especially in our workplaces, and at the social events in our lives. The people around us, look at us differently. We actually gain more respect, and well-groomed people are more successful, in whatever they take on in life. It doesn’t have to be over the top kind of jewelry. It’s whatever suits you, your personality and your look that day. That’s why at The Butler Collection, I always say, you can be your kind of beautiful. I always ask you whose sparkle you are wearing. Just to make you think about jewelry, as a part or your look, and not something that’s a last minute thought as you walk out the door.

The three things you should know about choosing the rights jewelry.

  1. Choose something, that makes you feel good, and you can wear with a few different looks.
  2. Make the investment in jewelry, which will last for years, because we buy our jewelry, to go with our clothing, which is good, and we wear it for years.
  3. Spend money on a piece, which is sterling silver, or gold with maybe real pearls or gemstones. When you buy cheap jewelry, and wear it with expense clothing, it doesn’t enhance your look, instead it cheapen it. But when you put a designer piece of jewelry on your outfit. It comes to life and stands out. Your look become one, which others want to emulate.
It just as easy to buy a few good pieces of jewelry, which will last over the years, as it is to buy lots of costume looks, that break easily, and doesn’t really give you that luxury feel and look, that you may be going for. There is something to be said for cheap and cheerful. But really who want to actually look like that?

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