The Butler Collection Has 5 Quick Tips to Help you Tell if your Gemstone is a real one or a fake

1-If you are able to find small flaws, it may be another good sign you are looking at a real, natural Gemstone 2- Look at the color. The color of the gemstone is often your first clue. If it’s too perfect and cheap it’s usually a fake. Natural gemstone different and often have natural occasions 3- Ask at the place of purchase where the gemstone you are looking at was mined. A good Jeweler should know their source. 4-Look up basic pricing information before you go shopping. Find out what price range is reasonable to expect for gemstones of varying levels of quality. 5-You can determine heft—how heavy the gemstone is —by simply bouncing it. Genuine Gemstone have a weight to the stone, and can be cool to the touch. If its weightless and warm, it usually a good sign the stone is not real. Genuine Gemstone jewelry

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