A woman’s Buying Guide for Pearls


Pearls are a woman’s perfect beauty! That is why we wear pearl jewelry at our weddings.
But how can a girl tell what she is buying, with so many different kinds of pearls on the market today, it’s hard to tell what is good value, and even to some what is real.

This is a simple guide to the different types of pearls, and prices they range in, on the market place today.
The most luxurious and pricy is the natural Tahitian pearls, which come from French Polynesia, these black exotic, beautiful pearls, are the most sought after in the world, and the main trading places for this pearl is the island of Tahiti. Their prices range from thousands of dollars, to five hundred thousand dollars.

The natural south sea pearls in salt water, which form on their own, when a clam or oyster is irritated, are also pricey because it takes 3 or more years for each pearl to develop. They are found in places like Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Prices will vary depending on color, shape, size and grade. Pearl grading are AAA, AA, A+ and, A grade. The price range of these pearls, for an AAA grade, can range around ten thousand, and lower depending on what grade the pearl is.

The golden south sea pearls are large and luxurious, often you can find them as large as 20 mm in size, their warm golden tones are perfectly natural, and a strand of these rare pearls will sell for as much as one hundred thousand. These pearls are also found in Australia and Indonesia.

Cultivated pearls are farmed deliberately by inserting a seed into the oysters, which forces the creation of a pearl. Cultivation time is usually about two years with this process. When the pearls are farmed, you get a more consistent shapes, and quality of the pearl, at a lower cost. They are usually found in farm ponds in the US, China, and the Philippines. Price ranges usually are in the hundreds, but if they are of a very grade, they can be in the thousands as well. These pearls are often used in traditional jewelry designs.

Freshwater pearls are usually farmed in ponds in the US, but the biggest market for these are China, and the Philippines. These pearls range in price usually from ten dollars to a few hundred depends again on the grade of the pearl. Many jewelry designers use this type of pearl, because of the unusual shapes it can be formed in, such as the potato, rise and seed pearls, which are the less experiences shapes. The Keisha, Biwa, and Coin pearls shapes are higher in prices, but make exquisite and striking jewelry designs. Because of the many colors and shapes, the freshwater has, it allows jewelry designers to create distinctive pieces of jewelry. But at affordable prices, for the mass markets.

Mother of Pearl gets its name from the fact that is the iridescent lining of the pearl shell. This shell is often powered down, and reformed to create beautiful pearls in different shapes and colors. The price varies on these as well, usually from twenty to several hundred. They made perfect looking pearls, and jewelry designers often design with this type of pearls, because they makes beautiful jewelry at reasonable prices.

Different grades of pearls.

AAA – Is the highest grade, the pearls must exhibit high intense luster, with deep reflective orient. They must also be perfectly round, and 100% smooth surface. In jewelry they also must be perfectly matched.
AA+- The luster is good to a strong reflective surface. Near round at a distance look round. 95 % clean surface. Good to excellent matching.
AA- Luster is good to average, round to round off. 80% clean surface. Matching average.
A-Luster is low, off round, 70% smooth surface, Matching is moderate.

How to care for your pearls.

Personal care for your pearls is important to keep them at their best. Use of cosmetics such as sun blocks, perfume, and hair spray, can all be harmful to your pearls, and dull their luster, so it is better to put them on last, after your personal care products. Pearls should be the last thing you put on, and always take them off before bedtime.
Simple steps to clean your pearls, is to use a damp soft cloth, and wipe them off, to avoid harmful build-up. Always keep your pearls, separated from other jewelry, because they can scratch easily. Never store them in a zip lock bag, this takes the moisture out of the pearl, and they will become brittle and look dull.

Pearl history and legends, are interesting, for thousands of years, pearls have been worn in history by queens. Many people consider pearls, precious stones. Hence the legend that say pearls are the symbol of a woman’s natural beauty. Even the Bible says “the price of wisdom is above pearls.” (Job28.18)
So wrap these rare treasures around yourself, because you are worth it!

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