What Kind Of Jewelry To Wear With Your Different Sweater Necklines

What kind of jewelry to wear with your sweater necklines.

My customers are always asking me what kind of jewelry can they wear with their sweaters. I always say it really depends on the necklines of the sweater. In my option turtle neckline are best with long necklaces, either gemstones or chains, or both together for a layered look. Long necklaces will give that elongated look, and are usually very slimming. You can also just go with a bold cuff, and bold earrings. If the sweater is oversize, then bolder looking statement jewelry works best.

If you have a V-neck light weight sweater, you can wear a drop necklace, a simple pendant style necklace, or a more multi-strand delicate necklace. You have many options with this style of neckline. Also lighter weight knit sweaters, look great with simple jewelry, like studs and thin layered chains.

If you have a round neckline sweater, and you want to be on trend, this is the perfect style of neckline to do a choker style necklace. With a simple stub earring. You can also just layer your arm candy, with a few of your favorite bracelets. Add a statement ring, and you are back on trend.

Cowl Necklines look best with round shape necklaces, that either gemstones, pearls, or metals like Gold or silver. If the sweater is heavier in weight, I would go with a beautiful bold gemstone look. If the sweater is lighter in weight, I would layer some chains, and maybe a simple pearl necklace, in whatever color that suits the sweater for a more fashionable style.

Layering is still big on the jewelry scene, and mixed metals, like Gold with silver tones, or tri gold are great way to create your own individual looks, and mix some of your old pieces with your new ones. Be your own kind of Beautiful, and create a style that shines.

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