Trend Forecast for 2016 Fall Season


Trend Forecast for 2016 Fall Season


Long and layered necklaces are still on trend for the fall and winter season. This is a great way to give height, and slenderize the body, while adding lots of sparkle and interest to your outfit.

Bold statement necklace are on trend as well, having fun with your jewelry has never been easier, or more affordable, than it is today. Creating your own individual theme, and looks are really the best way to tell the world, who you are, and what your true style is.

Long and linear earrings, are still a great way to make a fashion statement, and go great, with layers of bangles, or bold gemstone bracelets.

Colorful pieces of gemstone jewelry, is a great way to add, chic and character to your outfit. It gives a polished look that says quality and elegance. It’s good for your health and our planet. Tell the world you care and wear mother’s natural gift’s to us in your natural gemstone jewelry.

Simple pendants, and modest earrings, such as studs, are a stable in many people’s jewelry boxes. Sometimes less is more. If your style is unassuming, and you enjoy just a touch of sparkle or color. This is still a great way to add flair to your ensemble. These simple pieces of jewelry, are also a great way to layer, with a bold long gemstone necklace as well.

Seasonal Color Trends are uplifting blues (a deep one called Riverside, as well as the lighter, aptly titled Airy Blue) appear alongside dependable, but unexpected, neutrals, like Sharkskin gray and Spicy Mustard yellow; all of those shades pop against the rest of the top 10, like warmer Aurora Red and pinkish-purply shades that once again grace the scene for fall.

Whatever your own individual style is, we have it all at The Butler Collection, to help you create a look, that is memorable, and will speak to the kind of woman you are!

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