The Material We Use




The Materials we use:

We use only the finest high quality gemstones,

 Semi-precious gemstones, and Precious Gemstones.

We use Italian Sterling Silver, Italian 14 K gold, 14 K Gold Filled, and 18 K Gold, and 18 K Gold Filled.

Swarovski Crystal which are the best crystal in the world.

Our pearls are high quality freshwater pearls, or high quality Mother of Pearl.

Gold Vermeil is another metal we use, which is 18 K gold over sterling silver. These two precious metals are bonded together, with heat and pressure to give the product a very long life.

All our earrings can be worn, with those who have most allergies, as we use only pure metals which are nickel free and totally safe.

Gold Filled products, are over 18 layers of gold, and have a very high quality and long wearing life.

Unlike Gold Plating which we do not use at all in our products.

 Gold plating is simply a light coating of gold over a base metal, and will wear off in a short time, WE DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT AT ALL.