Yellow Canary Zircon earrings
side view of yellow canary zircon earring
Oval facet yellow Zircon earrings
Oval stud yellow Canary Zircon earrings

Yellow canary Zircon gemstone earrings

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Yellow Canary Zircon, is a highly refractive gemstone. Zircon is actively brilliant and full of fire and sparkle. It often is mistake for a yellow diamond, because of the brilliants. This yellow zircon comes from Australia, it is a more heavy mineral, and holds lots of color and sparkle . Zircon can also be a September birthstone. The Zircon  names comes from Persian which means gold color. Zircon is a natural gemstones with a 7.5 hardness. These Zircon oval earrings are about 8 k and are set in sterling silver with a level back.

They make a beautiful statement of sparkle and color, that will light up any look you wear them with. They are made for the woman who loves to be beautifully different . Yet timeless and classic.