Rainbow Swarovski Crystal bracelet
Rainbow Swarovski crystal bracelet
Swarosvki crystal bacelet
Swarovski crysal bracelet

Rainbow Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

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This bracelet is made using square cube Swarovski crystals components which are 8mm in size. Within this design 14 k gold fill round beads are added to make this unique piece.

This woman's rainbow crystal bracelet is full of sparkle and rainbow colors. This one-of-a-kind Swarovski crystal bracelet is handmade in Toronto Canada.

We designed this  rainbow bracelet in honor of our heath-care providers who work during these unprecedented times. Wear one today to honor these heroes. We are also donating a percentage to our local Canadian food banks.

Click our video and see this bracelet in 360 degrees.

Material: Swarovski crystal 8 mm cubes

Color: multi color

Size: 8 inches long

Condition: new

Origin: Canada

Gender: female

Age group: adult

Attractive Bracelet Assortment at The Butler Collection

The Butler Collection brings you a unique assortment of high-quality Swarovski rainbow bracelets for you to flaunt. These attractive rainbow bracelets combined with other Swarovski jewelry will make an immediate impact with a bold statement on your fashion style. Created by Heather and her team with love and care, these pieces will surely make it worth your while. Browse through our collection and select a bracelet that feels fitting on your delicate wrists. Make your fashion sense known to everyone with our carefully designed bracelet collection, and choose one that you see fit for your attire.


This funky, rainbow-colored bracelet is sure to brighten your day. Featuring Swarovski crystal .... cubes with 14k-gold beads, this handmade Swarovski rainbow bracelet from the Butler Collection is the perfect thing to wear to show your lively and charming self.

Designed in honor of the healthcare practitioners working tirelessly and selflessly during these trying COVID-19 times, this piece has a special purpose to it.  A certain percentage of the amount earned is donated to our local Canadian food banks.

Buy this Swarovski rainbow bracelet from the Butler Collection to show solidarity with our frontline warriors and contribute to the noble cause.