Pink topaz and white topaz gemstone ring
Pink and white topaz gemstone ring

Pink Topaz Gemstone Ring In Two Gold and Silver

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Pink Topaz Gemstone Ring In Two Gold and Silver

Metal: sterling silver with 14 K gold overlay that surround the out edge of the ring

Gemstone: 6 carets of Pink Topaz gemstone which is surround by small white topaz gemstones

Size: 7

Color: gold and pink

Adult: female

This is a statement ring for a woman who loves a larger gemstone and ring on her hand. The pink topaz center gemstone has lots of sparkle and lovely pink tone.

This is a treasure to wear whenever you want a piece that really stands out on your hand.

Pretty Pink Topaz for Our Clients

Pink topaz is a lightly colored yet very elegant stone filled with positive energy. Various jewelry pieces made from pink topaz have always been a preferred choice for women everywhere and have captured the hearts of millions worldwide. The Butler Collection brings you a unique assortment of pink topaz jewelry that will make your fashion sense known to others and makes a bold statement about your fashion style.