Peridot Custer style gemstone ring
Side view of Peridot cluster ring
Peridot Cluster style gemstone ring

Genuine Peridot Gemstone Ring In Sterling Silver

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Genuine Peridot Gemstone Ring In Sterling Silver

Metal: sterling silver

Gemstone: Genuine Peridot Gemstones

Size: 7.5

Color: green

Adult: female

This is a cluster style Peridot gemstone ring, it has lovely soft green tones in the ring with just the eight amount of sparkle. Its perfect for day or evening wear. This woman's cluster ring will not disappoint.

Sterling Silver Peridot Ring at The Butler Collection

Peridot is a unique mineral olivine gemstone with an attractive green and yellowish color due to magnesium and iron. The price of peridot is determined by the color grades that set its level. The Butler Collection brings you an assortment of sterling silver peridot rings in different color grades. Heather and her team have designed all our rings with extra attention to detail to add to your beauty. Feel free to browse through our collection and select a ring that fits your fashion taste.