Turquosie and amethyst gemstone ring
Turquosie and amethyst gemstone ringWoman's turquosie and amethyst ringBest woman's truquise ringtruquoise and amethsyt ring

Woman’s Turqousie and Amethyst gemstone ring in sterling silver


Woman’s fashionable Turquoise and Amethyst gemstone ring

Product Description

This ring is made of a very high quality sleeping beauty turquoise, which is the best turquoise in the world, and is known for it bright and light blue color. The round smooth cut turquoise gemstone is surrounded by smaller amethyst gemstones, for a flower design. The ring is set in sterling silver. If you are a collector of rare, and high quality gemstones, this sleeping beauty turquoise is a great one to add to your collection.

Ring size 8.5

This latest woman’s Turquoise and amethyst gemstone ring, is one that will give you a fashionable look, and add some beautiful color, to your outfit.

See our video for details and color. Pick up our latest turquoise and amethyst ring today, and receive free shipping on this item. At The Butler Collection we use only the finest cut gemstone to our jewelry. So you get lasting beauty for many years to come. This is a one of kind ring and it can be yours!


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