Tri gold and swarovski crystal
tri Gold and swarosvki CrystalTri gold and swarosvki crytsal earringtri gold and swarovski crytsal earringstri gold and swarosvki crytsal earrings

Tri Gold and Swarovski Crystal drop earrings


Tri gold and swarovski crytsal earrings

Product Description

These earrings are made of 18 K rolled gold of tri gold in white, rose and gold, colored gold. They have a single teardrop of swarosvki crystal are the bottom. They hand on a french back hook.
Earring length is about 3 inches long.
Get these elegant earrings,in tri gold and wear with so many different looks in your wardrobe. They are perfect for many occasions, from a wedding dress, to any outfit you choose.
Click our video on these Tri Gold and swarovski crystal earrings to see all the details of the design work.
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