Thoughtful Moments a Book of Poetry

Thoughtful Moments by Heather Butler A book of poetry that will leave you breathless


Thoughtful Moments is a book of poetry , that embraces life with words, that console, and inspirers the human spirit. It will remind you of your own encounters with life and love.

Thoughtful Moments is written with universal elements that have common, human appeal. As you read line after line of each poem, they will release old memories, and lost emotions that have been hidden , somewhere in the cracks of time.

For as we grow and journey through life. Our experiences sometimes are often forgotten. Thoughtful Moments allows you to sit back and reflect, on some old lingering thoughts of your own.

The word of this book will take you back in time , to the past and bring you forward to the present, reminding you of your won encounters with love and life. Sometimes it does our spirits good, to take a walk down memory lane, and revisited cherished moments in times.


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