Pink Swarovski crytsal bracelet


Pink Swarovski crytsal bracelet


This Swarovski crystal bracelet is made of 6 mm pink facet Swarovski crystal  balls, and woven in with 14 K gold filled findings.

This handmade crytsal beaded bracelet is made in Toronto Ontario , it is a one of a kind Canadian made jewelry piece. We use only the best crystal in our jewelry collection . Each piece of jewelry is beautifully different. This woman’s crystal bracelet is full of sparkle and soft pink color. It is a great wedding jewelry piece, or for any of your sundresses this summer. This shop our beaded jewelry collection and see more beautiful designs.

This Swarovski crytsal is 7.5 inches in length.

Click our video and see the actual bracelet. Pick this pink Swarovski crytsal bracelet up today and get free shipping on this piece of jewelry in Canada and US



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