Peridot and sterling silver gemstone ring


Peridot gemstone and sterling slver ring.


This ring is made of 7 stunning high cut Peridot gemstones, which is set into sterling silver to create a flower design. This ring has such a fresh color of green with lots of sparkle to it.
Ring size is 7.5
This peridot gemstone and sterling silver ring, is one you can wear day or evening, whenever you just want that fresh color and sparkle to brighten your day. Get this peridot and sterling silver gemstone ring, and enjoy free shipping on this item. Wear it with all your fall colors, and mixed with rich earth tones in your clothing.
Click our video and see how lovely this ring is. At The Butler Collection we use only the finest cut gemstones in our collection, so you can have and wear for many years to come.


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