Gemstone and Gold earrings
gemstone and gold earringsgemstone and gold earringsgemstone earrings

Golden Gemstone earrings from our gemstone jewelry collection.


Golden Gemstone Earrings

Product Description

These earrings are made of a 10 mm facet round Carnelian gemstones, with a diamond shape diamond cut 18 K gold bottom, they hang on a 18 K F gold Hook. These golden gemstone earrings are lightweight and simple, but will add just a touch of richness to your outfit.
Earrings hand about 1.5 inches in length.
These Golden gemstone earrings are simple, and can be worn with many different looks. Click our video and see how lovely they are. You will want to add these earrings to your own gemstone jewelry collection. Great prices with good quality is what we give you at The Butler Collection. We design jewelry for women who love to be beautifully different.
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