Buy these freshwater coin pearl earrings and 18 K gold F drop


Handmade Freshwater Pearl and Gold Earrings


These earrings are from pearl jewelry collection.
These pearl earrings, are made of a large 14 mm coin freshwater pearl which is a grade A quality. They have a round diamond cut 18 K Gold disc shape at the bottom of the earrings. They hand on a 14 K gold Hook. These are stylish and stunning earrings to add to your pearl jewelry collection.

These Pearl Earrings are about 3 inches long

These pearl and gold earrings are great to wear for your wedding, or with whatever ensemble you choose. Pearls are a woman’s perfect beauty, and that is why we wear them when we are brides, and afterwards we get to enjoy them for many years to come, with many different looks in our wardrobes. We also do custom wedding jewelry, and custom work for any events you may have coming up, where you want to be beautifully different.

Click our video and see the details of these pearl earrings. Our pearl jewelry is modern yet has elegant.

Get these stunning earrings today for your very own.


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