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Chalcedony gemstone and gold necklace

Product Description

This necklace is from our gemstone jewelry collection, and is perfect for your wedding jewelry. It can also be worn as a fashion necklace as well.
The gemstone necklace is made of high cut facet teardrops of cream Chalcedony gemstones and hang on a diamond cut 18 K gold F chain. This simple charm style necklace is a delicate look, but has a shimmer of color and sparkle. This elegant piece of jewelry will give you lots of things you can wear it with because of its neutral palette. Check out the live video and see how lovely this gemstone necklace is.
We also do custom designs at your request. We use the finest cut gemstones and mix them with preciouses metals so you can be sure you are getting a high quality piece of jewelry. This gemstone comes in from Brazil, and is a really nice cut and quality. This is a piece of jewelry you may want to add to your own gemstone jewelry collection.
Necklace length is about 18 Inches long.

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