Buy these 18 K Gold F diamond cut hoop Chalcedony gemstone earrings today!


18 K Gold F Chalcedony gemstone earrings


These gemstone earrings are from our wedding jewelry collection, and gemstone jewelry collection. They are made of a large round diamond cut 18 K Gold F hoop and have a chalcedony facet cream gemstone , with a 18 K gold F flower design at the bottom of the earrings.
These gemstone and gold earrings are about 3 inches in length.
Have a major style moment in these beautiful treasures. Statement earrings are so on trend now, and these are lightweight and comfortable to wear, but pack a big punch of style and sparkle. These could be worn with your day fashion, but could also be worn on your special day with a bridal grown. They have a chic vintage flare, and will look great on you for many years. We use only the finish quality gemstones and pair them with precious metals, to give you a design that last and looks great over years of wear. Click our video of these beauties, and see for yourself how great they look. We are also happy to do custom designs at your request.

Did you know that the chalcedony gemstone symbolizes calmness and purity, that’s way it a great choice for your wedding day. These chalcedony gemstone come from brazil, and for the cancer sign they are said to be a good luck gemstone, and give protective for the Sagittarius. Fun legend of our gemstone come from source “Healing Crystals and Gemstones” By DR Flora Peschek-Bohmer

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