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The history and legend of this gemstone comes the Latin runeus meaning red. Because of its beauty and rarity, the Greeks called it the mother of all gemstones. The Romans called it a flower among stones.
It is believed that this gemstone holds special natural energy of sensual love, spiritual love and therefore divine love. It is believed also, that this gemstone holds protection to the one who wears it. Its healing properties promote sexual energy, and it strengthens the body natural immune system.
Psychological properties of the Ruby gemstone, is said to bring good luck, and it encourages sensitivity, and strong feeling for the one who wears it.
Magical properties of this gemstone Ruby, symbolizes love and passion, and vitality. It works best when worn near the heart for example in a necklace.
Ruby is the star sign for Aries. Ruby can be found in countries such as, Siberia, Thailand, India, and Brazil. The color of this gemstone is red to a light pink shade depending on where the gemstones come from. This gemstone is rarely translucent, but a solid red color. It is one of the hardest gemstone next to diamond and sapphires. It considered to a precious gemstones.
The cost of this gemstone depends on the grade of gemstone, size, color and amount of flaws in the gemstone. The price of this gemstone can range from 100 to thousands of dollars. It is a gemstone that is use often in the making of jewelry. The cost of the jewelry will also depend on the precious metal it is set in, and weight of metal, as well as amount of carats in the ruby, grade and cut.
How to tell a real ruby gemstones from a fake. A real Ruby gemstones has a color and shrine, which is deep vivid, stoplight red color. A fake is dull and is light but not bright with firer.
A real Ruby gemstone is a hard gemstone and does not scratch easily, so if you test the gemstone and it scratches it may be fake. If the gemstone you are considering is a lot of money, then I do suggest you get it an appraisal done by a jeweler you trust. They will be able to give you an official certification, of the amount the gemstone is valued at, caret weight, and what grade it is. So in the future you know for insurance purposes, and for resell value.

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