The many reasons to wear pearl jewelry on your wedding day, as your wedding jewelry.

wedding jewelry

You have found the perfect wedding dress, and now you are looking to finish it off with the perfect wedding jewelry. You wonder if you should go with sparkling rhinestone jewelry, and if it will complete your look, or if maybe you should go with something beautifully different like pearls and crystals combined. Or maybe just the simplicity of pearls, will make you picture perfect. The Greeks ancient one’s believed that pearl jewelry on your wedding day, brings and promotes martial harmony. That pearls also seduce a man on his wedding night. The Ancient Egyptians believe that pearls worn on your wedding day, promotes wealth and high standing for the rest of your life. The English has worn them at their royalty wedding, Queen Elizabeth two, and Sarah Ferguson have worn them on their wedding day to complete their traditional royal look.
Some say pearls bring tears, but in fact they bring tears of joy on your wedding day, and that is considered good luck for the marriage.
In Western Culture, pearls symbolize an innocence, purity, and honesty, when worn on their wedding day. Pearls are said to allow for the bride’s true beauty, to shine through on her special day. They are associated with love, romance and perfect beauty.
Pearls bring a truly elegant, almost fairytale touch to your wedding dress, that make you feel like a princess. They can give you that vintage, traditional look, and depending on the design can also be alluring, sophisticated and modern. Pearl bracelets can show off that beautiful manicure you have, and dainty pearl earrings, or long statement pearl earrings, with a touch of crystals, can bring out your cheekbones, and smile on your wedding day. The perfect necklace will add, that seduction, and yet still feel innocence and beautiful. Pearl jewelry when worn as your wedding jewelry is something you will have, and treasure for many years to come. You can wear your stunning pearl jewelry, long after the wedding day. You will treasure them, and wear them, and remember they were the precious things, you worn on your special day. Throughout your life, you will have them to wear on many special occasions, and pass on to future generations with love. Pearls are always on trend, and are often embedded in the lace, of many dresses and head pieces. Rose, and Ivory colors are back this season, and work so well with a soft blush pearl jewelry. Pearls come in many different colors from fresh whites, to soft Ivory, and lush rose.
At The Butler Collection, we have a wonderful selection of pearl jewelry, and wedding jewelry that will work to perfection with your look. We also love to do custom designs, and create, one of a kind pieces, just for you on your special day. Our goal is to make you look picturesque, and lovely, to assist you in creating memories, that years from now, you will look back on, and recall the day you looked and felt, like a fairytale princess. Whatever look you want simple, modern or statement jewelry. The one thing you can count on is, we will make you the kind of wedding jewelry, which you can be beautifully different in. We can also work within your budget, and create jewelry for the Mother of the bride, and groom, and for your whole bridal party. Our quality and prices allow you to create, and buy stunning pearl jewelry that will make you on your wedding day feel and look picture perfect.

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