The Healing Powers of Colorful Gemstone Jewelry

Healing powers of colorful gemstone jewelry

The Power of Natural Gemstone Jewelry
The gemstone has always held certain healing energy properties, but when made into jewelry. The power often becomes more powerful. Here’s the reason why. A gemstone when place in precious metals such as Gold enhances the power of the gemstone. Silver strengtheners the vibrations intensity, which helps with its therapeutic effects. This is based on scientific research of many scientists, over the years who study this subject. Single stones are best in jewelry, when worn on the body, they should always be open at the back of the stone, so the energy can flow easily to the person who is wearing the gemstone jewelry. In fact, many artisans can custom make gemstone jewelry, according to the person’s health needs, by combining individual gemstone, giving the wearer, whatever energy they may need for healing of whatever condition they may have. What you also need to know is that this energy is slow to work, and increases over time as the person wears it often. But it should never take the place of your own Doctors medical care. Rough cut natural gemstone has the most amount of power, because they come from living rocks, and mineral in our earth. They mix well with our own bodies’ energy to create, healing effects, calming, and helps balance our own physical health. Energy and color of gemstones transmits, lots of power through color and vibrations, of each unique gemstone. Each color emits different kinds of energy, that I have learned over the years working with many different people, they are usually attracted to the color of the gemstone, by the energy their own body actual needs. Often they should or are attracted to whatever energy give their body comfort in some way. The microcosm in the colors of each gemstone, can hold positive influence, over the way we think and feel. That’s why we often have strong feelings of, like, or dislike of colors in general, but especially with our gemstone jewelry. To fully understand and grasp the healing powers of colorful gemstone jewelry, one must study different colors and their properties.
One Book I recommend is Healing Crystal and gemstones, written by Dr Flora peschek-Bohmer. I believe this book is available on Amazon.

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