Gemstone Jewelry featuring everything you need to know about the Citrine Gemstone.

cirtine gemstones

In this blog post I am going to feature the gemstone citrine. It happens to be one of my favorite gemstones. Here are a few things to know about Citrine gemstones when you are buying them to add to your own gemstone jewelry collection.
Citrine can be found in a lemon yellow to a dark golden shade depending on the country that the gemstone comes from. It is usually transparent to a cloudy shade. This depends on the quality of the gemstone. The higher it is in rich color, and has a clear sparkling faceted transparence to the gemstone, the higher the value of the stone. The cloudy rough cut citrine, are lower grade and often are tumble cut. The true citrine gemstone gains its beautiful color from the amount of gains of Iron that is found in the gemstone. Citrine comes from countries such as Brazil, Spain, France, Scotland and Madagascar.
The name Citrine comes from the Latin term” citrus” meaning lemon. The citrine gemstone is highly regarded, and considered a lucky gemstone for many, for thousands of years. The healing properties of this gemstone are to combat stress and depression. It also strengthens the immune system. The natural energy of this gemstone is of light, sun and life. It is the gemstone for Gemini and Virgo for their Birthstones. Many call it the lucky gemstone and say it attracts money into your life.
I love this gemstone for its natural color and sparkle. The richness of this gemstone allows us as designers, to mix it well, with other colorful gems when making jewelry.
The price ranges of citrine depend on the size or karat weight of the gemstone, transparence and sparkle. How well it is facet cut and color of gemstone. Price ranges from 50 to several hundreds of dollars. Many designers set it in sterling silver, and gold. This gem looks good in both precious metals. Visit The Butler Collection and see all our stunning designs we have done in this gemstone. We have rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. There is nothing like the color and sparkle, of this rich golden gemstone. Be beautifully different in The Butler Collection gemstone jewelry.

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