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Diamond Engagement Ring Alternatives:  Gemstone Rings

So often when it comes to an engagement ring, men often gravitate to diamond rings.  Why not be more open-minded, and a little less traditional? There are alternatives to diamond rings. In fact, there are several choices. Some potential brides, “brides-to-be” if you will, would prefer a gemstone instead. Gemstone alternatives that are popular and reasonably common, for example, gemstones such as emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. When these gemstones are mixed with white topaz, you get a beautiful looking ring, which could easily be a stunning engagement ring. These gemstones will make the engagement ring more unique for the bride. Sometimes these kinds of rings, carry a price tag even higher than that of a diamond. Doing a custom engagement ring allows you to choose whatever mix of gemstones, you prefer in whatever kind of design settings. Gemstone rings have remarkable beauty, and a richness of color tones, which will last a lifetime with proper care. Gemstone for the bride to be, could also be part of her birthstone, depending on what month she was born. Custom gemstone engagement ring, have deeper meaning, and will be a memory for the bride to be, because it was a special piece of jewelry, which was made just for her. In order to be an informed buyer, it is important to be aware of the popular trends, and common styles for an engagement ring. Below is a list of those common and popular elements:

  • Twisted and woven band design styles are a popular choice due to their symbolic display of the connection of two lives.
  • Engagement rings with tiny intrique details, sometimes as basic as tiny diamonds set into the prongs can add a nice and elegant touch to an otherwise ordinary engagement ring.
  • The tri-stone (three stone) setting are with a larger centre stone is popular selection. The idea to signify the past, present and future of the couple.
  • The solitaire is a common place with many, and features one stone set in a prong setting. With the solitaire, the focus is on the stone.
  • For a contemporary look, geometrical design rings have been becoming more popular. Asymmetric diamond accents and geometrical shapes can help to make an engagement ring really pop.
  • Fancy accents not to be forgotten as style, such as cluster of stones in a variety of shapes to accent the main diamond. These add flair to the engagement ring but can also increase the cost.
  • Many brides also choose a vintage style, that is a reminder of past, old Hollywood Glam if you will.

Whatever you choose, just remember that this ring, will stay on her finger for the rest of her life.  Take time to make this ring special for the one you love.

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