Ametrine gemstone ring
Ametrine gemstone ring in sterling silver
ametrine gemstone ring

Genuine Ametrine Gemstone Ring In Sterling Silver

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Genuine Ametrine Gemstone Ring In Sterling Silver

Metal: sterling silver

Gemstone: 4.5 caret of Ametrine center stone, two side gemstone of Amethyst.

Color: purple and gold

Size: 7,5

Adult: female

This ring is a rare and beautiful princess cut of Ametrine gemstone with two side gemstones of Amethyst. It is a very nice quality gem, with vibrant color, and the princess cut of the gem gives it a very high end look. The Ametrine gemstone is a mixture of Citrine and Amethyst . Its known for its dramatic colors and comes only from the country of Bolivia. Its a hard gemstone of 7, so its very durable. Each gemstone will be different, when it develops, the color varies depending on how the light, temperature and pressures develops the gemstone.

Ametrine healing energies is know to relieve anxiety and detoxifies the mind. This natural gems is an amazing gift from mother earth.