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Paraiba aqua blue tourmaline stud
front view of paraiba tourmaline gemstone earrings
Aqua blue paraiba Tourmaline

Aqua Paraiba Tourmaline stud earrings

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Aqua Paraiba Tourmaline which is in these  gemstone earrings comes from Brazil. This is one of the rarest tourmalines in the world. This gemstones is know for the depth of color and organic feel with the light inclusion in the stone. It is the rich traces of copper in this stones that gives it the beautiful colors. It gets it name Paraiba from a state in Brazil where it is mined.  It is a hard and durable gemstone, and considered a rare exotic semi-precious gemstone.

There are 8 K of Paraiba tourmaline gemstones, in these earrings which are set in sterling silver level back. These stunning earrings are full of rich bold color and sparkle.