The Chalcedony Gemstone and why we love to design jewelry with It!

chalcedony gemstone

The chalcedony gemstone known as the air and water goddesses stone.
The chalcedony gemstone come in soft colors ranging from soft mint greens to blue, pink, soft grays, Ivory and pale yellow. This gemstone can be found in countries such as Brazil, India, Namibia, Madagascar, and the United States. Depending on the country the stone will be different colors, but the most brilliant, and beautiful chalcedony gemstones, come from Namibia.
The chalcedony gemstone is the good luck stone for Cancer and Sagittarius, the energy in this natural gemstone according to the Tibetans improves purity and concentration. Help’s one to be calm and composed. It is best used around the neck area, helps to protect against infections and is good for the vocal cords. This gemstone has been called the air and the water gemstone of the gods and according to the Greeks it is associated with the weather.
When buying this gemstone the price will depend on the cut and quality and size of the gemstone. The high price chalcedony comes from Namibia. It is good to ask what country your gemstones come from, it gives you a good idea of its quality. This gemstone comes in rough cuts, tumbled cuts, and facet cuts. Facet cuts are usually higher in price.
At The Butler Collection we love designing jewelry with this gemstone, because it offers us a great range of soft colors, and usually we use only the facet cut chalcedony gemstone, because of it’s quality, light, and fresh sparkle it gives off. It is also a gemstone that can be cut in different shapes, which allows us to design creative beautiful jewelry. It’s a gemstone that is often affordable to work with, so you get an exquisite piece of jewelry, which will look great for years to come, at a good price point. We have many designs in our collection with this gemstone from our earrings, rings, to pendants, and statement necklaces. Take a moment and check out our collection of chalcedony jewelry at

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  1. I love Heather Butler’s designs and unique style. The price is reasonable. She has jewellery for every occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, showers, etc. She knows how to work with colours and each piece is an exemplary work of art. Congratulations to Heather Butler!

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