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Gemstone Jewelry featuring everything you need to know about the Citrine Gemstone.

In this blog post I am going to feature the gemstone citrine. It happens to be one of my favorite gemstones. Here are a few things to know about Citrine gemstones when you are buying them to add to your own gemstone jewelry collection.
Citrine can be found in a lemon yellow to a dark golden shade depending on the country that the gemstone comes from. It is usually transparent to a cloudy shade. This depends on the quality of the gemstone. The higher it is in rich color, and has a clear sparkling faceted transparence to the gemstone, the higher the value of the stone. The cloudy rough cut citrine, are lower grade and often are tumble cut. The true citrine gemstone gains its beautiful color from the amount of gains of Iron that is found in the gemstone. Citrine comes from countries such as Brazil, Spain, France, Scotland and Madagascar.
The name Citrine comes from the Latin term” citrus” meaning lemon. The citrine gemstone is highly regarded, and considered a lucky gemstone for many, for thousands of years. The healing properties of this gemstone are to combat stress and depression. It also strengthens the immune system. The natural energy of this gemstone is of light, sun and life. It is the gemstone for Gemini and Virgo for their Birthstones. Many call it the lucky gemstone and say it attracts money into your life.
I love this gemstone for its natural color and sparkle. The richness of this gemstone allows us as designers, to mix it well, with other colorful gems when making jewelry.
The price ranges of citrine depend on the size or karat weight of the gemstone, transparence and sparkle. How well it is facet cut and color of gemstone. Price ranges from 50 to several hundreds of dollars. Many designers set it in sterling silver, and gold. This gem looks good in both precious metals. Visit The Butler Collection and see all our stunning designs we have done in this gemstone. We have rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. There is nothing like the color and sparkle, of this rich golden gemstone. Be beautifully different in The Butler Collection gemstone jewelry.

wedding jewelry

The many reasons to wear pearl jewelry on your wedding day, as your wedding jewelry.

You have found the perfect wedding dress, and now you are looking to finish it off with the perfect wedding jewelry. You wonder if you should go with sparkling rhinestone jewelry, and if it will complete your look, or if maybe you should go with something beautifully different like pearls and crystals combined. Or maybe just the simplicity of pearls, will make you picture perfect. The Greeks ancient one’s believed that pearl jewelry on your wedding day, brings and promotes martial harmony. That pearls also seduce a man on his wedding night. The Ancient Egyptians believe that pearls worn on your wedding day, promotes wealth and high standing for the rest of your life. The English has worn them at their royalty wedding, Queen Elizabeth two, and Sarah Ferguson have worn them on their wedding day to complete their traditional royal look.
Some say pearls bring tears, but in fact they bring tears of joy on your wedding day, and that is considered good luck for the marriage.
In Western Culture, pearls symbolize an innocence, purity, and honesty, when worn on their wedding day. Pearls are said to allow for the bride’s true beauty, to shine through on her special day. They are associated with love, romance and perfect beauty.
Pearls bring a truly elegant, almost fairytale touch to your wedding dress, that make you feel like a princess. They can give you that vintage, traditional look, and depending on the design can also be alluring, sophisticated and modern. Pearl bracelets can show off that beautiful manicure you have, and dainty pearl earrings, or long statement pearl earrings, with a touch of crystals, can bring out your cheekbones, and smile on your wedding day. The perfect necklace will add, that seduction, and yet still feel innocence and beautiful. Pearl jewelry when worn as your wedding jewelry is something you will have, and treasure for many years to come. You can wear your stunning pearl jewelry, long after the wedding day. You will treasure them, and wear them, and remember they were the precious things, you worn on your special day. Throughout your life, you will have them to wear on many special occasions, and pass on to future generations with love. Pearls are always on trend, and are often embedded in the lace, of many dresses and head pieces. Rose, and Ivory colors are back this season, and work so well with a soft blush pearl jewelry. Pearls come in many different colors from fresh whites, to soft Ivory, and lush rose.
At The Butler Collection, we have a wonderful selection of pearl jewelry, and wedding jewelry that will work to perfection with your look. We also love to do custom designs, and create, one of a kind pieces, just for you on your special day. Our goal is to make you look picturesque, and lovely, to assist you in creating memories, that years from now, you will look back on, and recall the day you looked and felt, like a fairytale princess. Whatever look you want simple, modern or statement jewelry. The one thing you can count on is, we will make you the kind of wedding jewelry, which you can be beautifully different in. We can also work within your budget, and create jewelry for the Mother of the bride, and groom, and for your whole bridal party. Our quality and prices allow you to create, and buy stunning pearl jewelry that will make you on your wedding day feel and look picture perfect.


A woman’s Buying Guide for Pearls

Pearls are a woman’s perfect beauty! That is why we wear pearl jewelry at our weddings.
But how can a girl tell what she is buying, with so many different kinds of pearls on the market today, it’s hard to tell what is good value, and even to some what is real.

This is a simple guide to the different types of pearls, and prices they range in, on the market place today.
The most luxurious and pricy is the natural Tahitian pearls, which come from French Polynesia, these black exotic, beautiful pearls, are the most sought after in the world, and the main trading places for this pearl is the island of Tahiti. Their prices range from thousands of dollars, to five hundred thousand dollars.

The natural south sea pearls in salt water, which form on their own, when a clam or oyster is irritated, are also pricey because it takes 3 or more years for each pearl to develop. They are found in places like Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Prices will vary depending on color, shape, size and grade. Pearl grading are AAA, AA, A+ and, A grade. The price range of these pearls, for an AAA grade, can range around ten thousand, and lower depending on what grade the pearl is.

The golden south sea pearls are large and luxurious, often you can find them as large as 20 mm in size, their warm golden tones are perfectly natural, and a strand of these rare pearls will sell for as much as one hundred thousand. These pearls are also found in Australia and Indonesia.

Cultivated pearls are farmed deliberately by inserting a seed into the oysters, which forces the creation of a pearl. Cultivation time is usually about two years with this process. When the pearls are farmed, you get a more consistent shapes, and quality of the pearl, at a lower cost. They are usually found in farm ponds in the US, China, and the Philippines. Price ranges usually are in the hundreds, but if they are of a very grade, they can be in the thousands as well. These pearls are often used in traditional jewelry designs.

Freshwater pearls are usually farmed in ponds in the US, but the biggest market for these are China, and the Philippines. These pearls range in price usually from ten dollars to a few hundred depends again on the grade of the pearl. Many jewelry designers use this type of pearl, because of the unusual shapes it can be formed in, such as the potato, rise and seed pearls, which are the less experiences shapes. The Keisha, Biwa, and Coin pearls shapes are higher in prices, but make exquisite and striking jewelry designs. Because of the many colors and shapes, the freshwater has, it allows jewelry designers to create distinctive pieces of jewelry. But at affordable prices, for the mass markets.

Mother of Pearl gets its name from the fact that is the iridescent lining of the pearl shell. This shell is often powered down, and reformed to create beautiful pearls in different shapes and colors. The price varies on these as well, usually from twenty to several hundred. They made perfect looking pearls, and jewelry designers often design with this type of pearls, because they makes beautiful jewelry at reasonable prices.

Different grades of pearls.

AAA – Is the highest grade, the pearls must exhibit high intense luster, with deep reflective orient. They must also be perfectly round, and 100% smooth surface. In jewelry they also must be perfectly matched.
AA+- The luster is good to a strong reflective surface. Near round at a distance look round. 95 % clean surface. Good to excellent matching.
AA- Luster is good to average, round to round off. 80% clean surface. Matching average.
A-Luster is low, off round, 70% smooth surface, Matching is moderate.

How to care for your pearls.

Personal care for your pearls is important to keep them at their best. Use of cosmetics such as sun blocks, perfume, and hair spray, can all be harmful to your pearls, and dull their luster, so it is better to put them on last, after your personal care products. Pearls should be the last thing you put on, and always take them off before bedtime.
Simple steps to clean your pearls, is to use a damp soft cloth, and wipe them off, to avoid harmful build-up. Always keep your pearls, separated from other jewelry, because they can scratch easily. Never store them in a zip lock bag, this takes the moisture out of the pearl, and they will become brittle and look dull.

Pearl history and legends, are interesting, for thousands of years, pearls have been worn in history by queens. Many people consider pearls, precious stones. Hence the legend that say pearls are the symbol of a woman’s natural beauty. Even the Bible says “the price of wisdom is above pearls.” (Job28.18)
So wrap these rare treasures around yourself, because you are worth it!

What Kind Of Jewelry To Wear With Your Different Sweater Necklines

What kind of jewelry to wear with your sweater necklines.

My customers are always asking me what kind of jewelry can they wear with their sweaters. I always say it really depends on the necklines of the sweater. In my option turtle neckline are best with long necklaces, either gemstones or chains, or both together for a layered look. Long necklaces will give that elongated look, and are usually very slimming. You can also just go with a bold cuff, and bold earrings. If the sweater is oversize, then bolder looking statement jewelry works best.

If you have a V-neck light weight sweater, you can wear a drop necklace, a simple pendant style necklace, or a more multi-strand delicate necklace. You have many options with this style of neckline. Also lighter weight knit sweaters, look great with simple jewelry, like studs and thin layered chains.

If you have a round neckline sweater, and you want to be on trend, this is the perfect style of neckline to do a choker style necklace. With a simple stub earring. You can also just layer your arm candy, with a few of your favorite bracelets. Add a statement ring, and you are back on trend.

Cowl Necklines look best with round shape necklaces, that either gemstones, pearls, or metals like Gold or silver. If the sweater is heavier in weight, I would go with a beautiful bold gemstone look. If the sweater is lighter in weight, I would layer some chains, and maybe a simple pearl necklace, in whatever color that suits the sweater for a more fashionable style.

Layering is still big on the jewelry scene, and mixed metals, like Gold with silver tones, or tri gold are great way to create your own individual looks, and mix some of your old pieces with your new ones. Be your own kind of Beautiful, and create a style that shines.

7 Key Things You need to Know about Social Media Marketing!

7 Key Things, You need to know about Social Media Marketing !

1 Be a brand champion in your visuals and graphics, make sure they are engaging and grab attention.
Be a noise maker with your photos and visuals, a picture can speak volumes to your customers and target markets. They can let your customers know exactly what you do, and how your business, whether it be products, or services, can be of benefit to them. Have a clear visual, which is both eye catching, and tells a story. Your image is your brand, make sure they are professional looking, and tell your customers just who you are, and what you offer.
2 Emotional Branding
One key element in your ads and marketing, is tapping into your customers’ emotions. When you are able to break through to your customers in this way, you create, powerful and personal ties to your brand. Whatever makes you stand out in the crowd, and can be of benefit to your customers, it is this feature that will cause them to act and become your customer.
For Example. I am a jewelry designer, there are many jewelry products out on the market today, so what makes The Butler Collection stand out and why should my customers buy it.
Answer- The Butler Collection offers one of a kind, and limited edition pieces of jewelry, that are fine handcrafted, gemstones, pearls and crystals which are set into precious metals, such as 14 K Gold, and Sterling silver.
Benefits to my customers are:
They can be their own kind of beautiful, in one of a kind designs, which allows them to stand out in the crowd. They will own a great quality piece of jewelry, they will have forever. They will look professional, and polished for whatever event or work they do. They can have custom work done, at their convenience. They can have, a one on one style consolation, with a stylist who has worked in the fashion industry for many years, and have dressed and styled celebrities for many red carpet events. The Butler Collection jewelry, is natural gemstones and precious metals, so they are healthy for your body, with no harmful toxins in them. In fact, natural gemstones are well known for all their great energy and healing effects. The Butler Collection also offers affordable prices, and value for the modern woman of today.
When I go live on Facebook, I will also give you examples of services as well, for this section.

3 Provide Useful Content that offers value to your followers, and customer base.
Yes, I know we have all heard this before, but honestly wanting to help others, grow their businesses, or services they offer, look their best, or feel their best, is a very important part of being authentic in your business. This is the best way I know how, to build great relationships, and allow others to benefit, from your experiences and knowledge. Do not just talk about your own business, but show others how many of the things you have learned, over the years, can be of benefit to their businesses, or in their professional work life.
4 Connect and have conversations with your audience
Inspire your customers, show your products and services in action, have conversations with them. Answer their questions directly when possible. Listen to what they are saying about your products, or whatever service you offer.
5 Be Consistent
Every time you are on any of social media outlets, know that your customers are watching. Be consistent with your well designed cohesive brand ads. How you act, and what you say, all gives your customers a reason to shop, or hire and work with you. Or not! Know being professional is important on many levels. You want to establish creditable, honesty, and be knowledgeable. Today it’s a well-known fact that how you look, and act affect your business life. People are consistently passing judgement, on you and your products and services. So give them a reason to want to connect, and work or buy your products.
6 Have a personality that stands out!
You need to be memorable, create content and brand ads, which rock with personality. Have interesting visual content, tell stories with your ads, which are captivating to your audience, so they want to know more. Or create looks that they want to emulate. You are your own brand ambassador, so whatever image you put forth, is how your customers will see you, and your brand. If you are a service, be an example to your customers of how you can make a difference in their businesses, or in their life’s. Creating a personality-driven content and visuals, will not only start new conversations, but will grow your followers.
7 Get on Broad with Different Social Media outlets.
Expand your social media platforms. There is more than just Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Google+ groups are highly inactive communities, and can drive traffic to your business. Pinterest and snapchat, are also great for certain audiences. Spotify, YouTube and LinkedIn are also channels, which can be very valuable in growing your business. Knowing your target audience and where they hang out is of great value.

Trend Forecast for 2016 Fall Season


Trend Forecast for 2016 Fall Season


Long and layered necklaces are still on trend for the fall and winter season. This is a great way to give height, and slenderize the body, while adding lots of sparkle and interest to your outfit.

Bold statement necklace are on trend as well, having fun with your jewelry has never been easier, or more affordable, than it is today. Creating your own individual theme, and looks are really the best way to tell the world, who you are, and what your true style is.

Long and linear earrings, are still a great way to make a fashion statement, and go great, with layers of bangles, or bold gemstone bracelets.

Colorful pieces of gemstone jewelry, is a great way to add, chic and character to your outfit. It gives a polished look that says quality and elegance. It’s good for your health and our planet. Tell the world you care and wear mother’s natural gift’s to us in your natural gemstone jewelry.

Simple pendants, and modest earrings, such as studs, are a stable in many people’s jewelry boxes. Sometimes less is more. If your style is unassuming, and you enjoy just a touch of sparkle or color. This is still a great way to add flair to your ensemble. These simple pieces of jewelry, are also a great way to layer, with a bold long gemstone necklace as well.

Seasonal Color Trends are uplifting blues (a deep one called Riverside, as well as the lighter, aptly titled Airy Blue) appear alongside dependable, but unexpected, neutrals, like Sharkskin gray and Spicy Mustard yellow; all of those shades pop against the rest of the top 10, like warmer Aurora Red and pinkish-purply shades that once again grace the scene for fall.

Whatever your own individual style is, we have it all at The Butler Collection, to help you create a look, that is memorable, and will speak to the kind of woman you are!