Why woman should care about her jewelry

Why a woman should care, about the kind of jewelry she wears.

Put the icing on the cake we are told, make sure it’s looking sweet and pleasing to the eye. Trim it with beautiful sparkle and color, so we can’t wait to taste it. Make sure the cake is something everyone wants a piece of right ladies? Well, I am not by no means comparing us women, to a cake. But our society, does look at our outward appearance, and in fact, puts a great deal of weight on our image. We are judged on the job, at all our social events, and even by our partner, friends, and family in life.
So that is why the jewelry you choose to wear matters. If you put the wrong pieces on your look, then you will not get, what you are hoping for with your image. Not everyone can wear big statement pieces of jewelry. Sometimes simple is better, and more pleasing to the eye. There are times, with the right look, and for the right person, that bold statement piece will look amazing. There are so many different kinds of jewelry on the market today as well. From cheap costume jewelry, to handmade, to designer, to fine jewelry. All have something different to offer, us as women. Our budget often determines what kind of jewelry we wear, in many cases. Some women, wants to have lots of cheaper jewelry, while others, would rather save up and buy quality pieces, one at a time, and have in the end a beautiful collection of real gemstone jewelry. Whatever kind of woman you are, it’s you, so be who you are. But remember, if you buy an expenses dress, and put cheap jewelry on it, you are not doing that beautiful dress any favors. But if you have a simple dress, and you put great quality jewelry on it, everyone sees that simple looking dress in a different light, the image of the dress, goes up a notch. That’s why choosing the right kind of jewelry and look, for the outfit is important, and at the end of the day, you are spending your hard earned money to look better, not worse. So if you’re not sure, of your image, consultant a person in the fashion business, who looks great and you trust. Just like in all types of other business, fashion consultants and stylist, can really give you an edge. Your image will be polished, and when you enter your place of business, social event, whether it’s work or play. You will know you are putting the right icing on your cake, and everyone, will want to come and talk to you, and seek out your company.

3 things you should know about buying jewelry

Why wear jewelry, with your outfits? Three things you must know, when choosing your jewelry!

Why wear jewelry, with your outfits? Three things you must know, when choosing your jewelry!Why wear jewelry, with your outfits? Three things you must know, when choosing your jewelry!
Whys should we embellishing our looks, with jewelry? Have you ever eaten cake without the icing, and trimmings, on top of the cake? Somehow is wasn’t as satisfying, or it didn’t really look as good, to us, as when we had cake, with all the trimming rights?
Well, it’s kind of the same thing really, when we see a great outfits, on a woman, without jewelry. It looks unfinished, not properly put together. Something is missing, her image is not polished.
Our eyes pick up on the little twinkle of sparkle, which may be on her neck, or around her arm. Perhaps on her fingers or ears. Somehow we stand out, our outfits come to life. Our images are enhanced, and we ourselves stand a bit taller, and more confident. Because human nature is such, that when we look good, we feel better about ourselves. Especially in our workplaces, and at the social events in our lives. The people around us, look at us differently. We actually gain more respect, and well-groomed people are more successful, in whatever they take on in life. It doesn’t have to be over the top kind of jewelry. It’s whatever suits you, your personality and your look that day. That’s why at The Butler Collection, I always say, you can be your kind of beautiful. I always ask you whose sparkle you are wearing. Just to make you think about jewelry, as a part or your look, and not something that’s a last minute thought as you walk out the door.
The three things you should know about choosing the rights jewelry.
1 Choose something, that makes you feel good, and you can wear with a few different looks.
2 Make the investment in jewelry, which will last for years, because we buy our jewelry, to go with our clothing, which is good, and we wear it for years.
3 Spend money on a piece, which is sterling silver, or gold with maybe real pearls or gemstones. When you buy cheap jewelry, and wear it with expense clothing, it doesn’t enhance your look, instead it cheapen it. But when you put a designer piece of jewelry on your outfit. It comes to life and stands out. Your look become one, which others want to emulate.
It just as easy to buy a few good pieces of jewelry, which will last over the years, as it is to buy lots of costume looks, that break easily, and doesn’t really give you that luxury feel and look, that you may be going for. There is something to be said for cheap and cheerful. But really who want to actually look like that?

Holiday gift jewelry

Why Give The Gift Of Jewelry This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year, when we are thinking of gift giving ideas. It’s a magical time, filled with vivid colors of sparkling lights, dancing as we drive by homes, showing the Christmas spirit. It’s a winter wonderland full of snow white glistening tree tops, and reindeers on our doorsteps. We want to celebrate all the good times, and blessing, we have received. Our love ones, are so important to us, and on Christmas day, we want to see their eyes light up, when they open their gifts, that lay beneath our twinkling Christmas tree. Jewelry is a gift that over centuries has held the meaning of love. It’s one that lasts, and is a reminder to our love ones, whenever they wear, their exquisite treasures that we love them. Candy will be eaten, and forgotten, clothing will fade, and fragrance will be used up, and will be gone. But the precious jewels that you adorn, the one you love with, will last forever. They will become her favorite earrings, a necklace that shimmers when she walks, a shiny bracelet on her arm. A ring that expresses your love for her. A sparkling display, that will light up her smile, and she will know that she is your greatest treasure. Gift giving is fun and exciting, and can bring joy to those on your list. At The Butler Collection, we value the women in your life, and our greatest joy is to allow them, to be their own kind of beautiful, wearing our one of a kind, and limited edition pieces. We design jewelry for the woman who loves to be beautiful, different, and allows her jewelry to speak of the kind of woman she is.

dressing for business

Choosing the right jewelry for your business wardrobe.

Dressing for success today, is more important than ever. There is so much competition, in the workforce today. So it is important for us as women, to put our best foot forward, and look the part, we are playing in our business world. When we look our professional best. Wearing the right clothing and jewelry, only make us, look even more like the experts, we are in our fields. When our images are refined and polished, others in our business life, will look at us, and see us in a more accomplished matter. We feel more confident, and speak with a greater assertive voice. Self-confidence is important, when we are always being judged, for not only the work we do, but also for our personal appearance. When will feel poised, and are well groomed, we are always more sure of ourselves, and it is reflected in the job we do. At The Butler Collection, we have over 15 years of expertise in styling, and wardrobe consulting, for professionals, and for all your special occasions. Take advantage of our knowledge, and let us help you achieve the look of success. We are experts in our field of jewelry design, and fashion styling. Our job is to assist you in looking, and feeling your best, for whatever, lifetime event you have, at work, or at play, we are here to advise you, and support you in getting the latest trend advice, or contribute in that classic look, that will last for years. Our jewelry designs are timeless and made to last, using only the fines components, and materials. We always focus on our customers, and know that there success is also ours. Drop by and see us at our Humber- town plaza location in Toronto. Visit us online, and see all our new fall designs, and visit our photo gallery that has fresh new ideas in your fall wardrobe and jewelry needs. Treat yourself to something that sparkles todays, you’re worth it.

shopping online for jewelry

How to search online for Jewelry

Many women are looking for something different when it comes to jewelry. There is so much of everything today out there, yet sometimes much of it can look the same. When you do your search, online for handcrafted gemstone jewelry websites, hundreds come up, and if you do a search for handcrafted wedding jewelry, or where to buy jewelry online, you get the same results, hundreds to choose from. By defining your search you can sometimes zero in on exactly what you are looking for. To give an example, handcrafted pearl earrings, or handmade jewelry made in Canada, jewelry for the workplace, where to buy citrine rings, long pearl and sterling silver earrings, bridal jewelry sets. This kind of short, direct phrases can help you find what you are looking for better, and faster, than if you just type in jewelry. If you are looking for a certain type of jewelry, price and quality, then you could use words like fine handcrafted gemstone jewelry in Toronto, or handmade jewelry that is affordable, hundreds of websites still will come up, but usually this way what you are looking for will appear in the first three pages. Time is important to all of us, and many of us just want to find the website, we like and start shopping because they have exactly what we are looking for. At www.thebutlercollection.com our specialty is fine handcrafted gemstone jewelry, handmade pearl jewelry, sterling silver and gemstone jewelry, gemstone gold jewelry, and wedding jewelry. We can do custom jewelry for brides, and for any of your special occasions. Because a picture when shopping online does not always show you, just how beautiful our jewelry is, we have incorporated live 360 degree videos, of each piece of our stunning handcrafted jewelry. With a few different beautiful pictures, of each piece, to show you how the jewelry looks on, and up close. On our blog, here we write about the different pearls on the market, and often feature different gemstones, so you can become more aware of what kind of jewelry is on the market and know how to tell its value. We hope our tips on searching online has been helpful today, and thank you for reading our blog post. Please feel free to leave us your comments, we always love to hear from you.

Healing powers of colorful gemstone jewelry

The Healing Powers of Colorful Gemstone Jewelry

The Power of Natural Gemstone Jewelry
The gemstone has always held certain healing energy properties, but when made into jewelry. The power often becomes more powerful. Here’s the reason why. A gemstone when place in precious metals such as Gold enhances the power of the gemstone. Silver strengtheners the vibrations intensity, which helps with its therapeutic effects. This is based on scientific research of many scientists, over the years who study this subject. Single stones are best in jewelry, when worn on the body, they should always be open at the back of the stone, so the energy can flow easily to the person who is wearing the gemstone jewelry. In fact, many artisans can custom make gemstone jewelry, according to the person’s health needs, by combining individual gemstone, giving the wearer, whatever energy they may need for healing of whatever condition they may have. What you also need to know is that this energy is slow to work, and increases over time as the person wears it often. But it should never take the place of your own Doctors medical care. Rough cut natural gemstone has the most amount of power, because they come from living rocks, and mineral in our earth. They mix well with our own bodies’ energy to create, healing effects, calming, and helps balance our own physical health. Energy and color of gemstones transmits, lots of power through color and vibrations, of each unique gemstone. Each color emits different kinds of energy, that I have learned over the years working with many different people, they are usually attracted to the color of the gemstone, by the energy their own body actual needs. Often they should or are attracted to whatever energy give their body comfort in some way. The microcosm in the colors of each gemstone, can hold positive influence, over the way we think and feel. That’s why we often have strong feelings of, like, or dislike of colors in general, but especially with our gemstone jewelry. To fully understand and grasp the healing powers of colorful gemstone jewelry, one must study different colors and their properties.
One Book I recommend is Healing Crystal and gemstones, written by Dr Flora peschek-Bohmer. I believe this book is available on Amazon.

gemstone jewelry

Why Buy Canadian Made natural gemstone jewelry?

For many people, buying Canadian made products, is a point of pride, in supporting our Canadian designers. But in reality, with most of our products, coming out of china and overseas, these days it is important to know what kind of materials, actually exist in the jewelry you are wearing. You should question is it safe, are there any toxic materials, or metals like Cadmium and lead in the jewelry? Cadmium is also used as a stabilizer in many plastics as well, that is used in making jewelry. So you need to question these kinds of materials, and as well as the base metals, in your costume jewelry.
Buying handcrafted Canadian gemstone jewelry, the designer or company, should know exactly what is in their products, and how safe they are. The other factors to consider is the Green technology side of wearing natural gemstones, in pure sterling silver or Gold. Many plastic end up in our oceans, and landfills, causing harmful effects to our environments. Some of the harmful side effects of toxic materials like lead and Cadmium, are increasing in bone loss, kidney damage, ingestions of suspected carcinogens.
We see a lot of low cost jewelry in many stores today, but buyer beware, of what you are buying, and putting on your body. Know that not all that sparkles is gold, and if the person selling you the jewelry, cannot answer your questions, do not buy it.
At The Butler Collection we use only the safest, and finest, components in our jewelry designs, your health and beauty is our first priority. Wearing natural gemstones, and pearls, are not only beautiful, but are filled with natural, healthy energy from mother earth. We set them in pure metals, so they are safe and healthy, with lasting beauty. Invest a little, but gain a lot. It is our pleasure to service our customer’s needs, with custom made jewelry, or buying our ready-made. Whatever suits your needs, and make you picture perfect, for your special events, or work life, we are there to assist you. So whose sparkle are you wearing?

wedding jewelry

Fall and Winter Trends in Dresses and Jewelry for Brides 2017

For fall and winter, we are seeing some strong trends in dresses, and jewelry for bridal. Many of the top designers such as Vera Wang, Watters, Reem Acra, and Romona Keveza are all coming out with compelling beautifully, designed dresses, with high lace necklines, and long lace sleeves, to three quarter length lace sleeves. There is a strong presence, of a sheer cape like feel, to the modern ball gowns. Silhouettes are A- Line, to off the shoulders looks, more sensual looks with plunging necklines, with lace short cap sleeves. Blush and gold is still a strong color trend for fall, and winter. Dresses of white or off white, with vintage golden accents, and blush ball gowns are all on trend for the upcoming bridal season.
Wedding jewelry is moving towards long linear earrings, of pearls or crystals, to bring out the beauty of the high lace necklines. Teardrop shapes or modern long designed earrings, in silver with rose gold accents. Statement pearl, or crystal bracelets in sterling silver, are being worn with the three quarter length lace sleeves. For the sensual plunging neckline, the necklaces are simple with crystal, or pearl teardrops in silver or gold. Chokers are still on trend, and are worn with the sweetheart neckline, as a way to accent the bride’s beauty. Blush pearls done in Gold, are also a strong trend, for the off white, and blush ball gowns, with vintage gold accents. More brides are turning to custom made bridal jewelry, that they can mark the occasion with, and wear long after the wedding day. They are keeping their custom pieces of wedding jewelry, as a way to mark the precious memories of their special day. More brides are turning away from the fake pearls, and old rhinestone bling of the past, and are lending towards to a more sophisticated look of Swarovski crystals, and freshwater pearls, or a mixture of both. They know this kind of wedding and pearl jewelry, can be worn long after their wedding day, and they will look picture perfect on their special day. Putting inexpensive fake wedding jewelry, only diminished the look of your well-chosen beautiful wedding dress. So many brides are making lasting the choice to do a custom piece of beautiful jewelry, as something that can be passed down through the family generations. At The Butler Collection jewelry, we take great pleasure in designing for our wedding jewelry collection, using only the finest pearls, and Swarovski crystals in sterling silver, and gold as part of our collection. We have ready to wear pearl jewelry and wedding jewelry, and we are always happy to do your custom wedding jewelry just the way you like. Sparkle like you mean it on your special day and be beautifully different.

Ruby the gemstone blog

What you need to know about Ruby the Gemstone

The history and legend of this gemstone comes the Latin runeus meaning red. Because of its beauty and rarity, the Greeks called it the mother of all gemstones. The Romans called it a flower among stones.
It is believed that this gemstone holds special natural energy of sensual love, spiritual love and therefore divine love. It is believed also, that this gemstone holds protection to the one who wears it. Its healing properties promote sexual energy, and it strengthens the body natural immune system.
Psychological properties of the Ruby gemstone, is said to bring good luck, and it encourages sensitivity, and strong feeling for the one who wears it.
Magical properties of this gemstone Ruby, symbolizes love and passion, and vitality. It works best when worn near the heart for example in a necklace.
Ruby is the star sign for Aries. Ruby can be found in countries such as, Siberia, Thailand, India, and Brazil. The color of this gemstone is red to a light pink shade depending on where the gemstones come from. This gemstone is rarely translucent, but a solid red color. It is one of the hardest gemstone next to diamond and sapphires. It considered to a precious gemstones.
The cost of this gemstone depends on the grade of gemstone, size, color and amount of flaws in the gemstone. The price of this gemstone can range from 100 to thousands of dollars. It is a gemstone that is use often in the making of jewelry. The cost of the jewelry will also depend on the precious metal it is set in, and weight of metal, as well as amount of carats in the ruby, grade and cut.
How to tell a real ruby gemstones from a fake. A real Ruby gemstones has a color and shrine, which is deep vivid, stoplight red color. A fake is dull and is light but not bright with firer.
A real Ruby gemstone is a hard gemstone and does not scratch easily, so if you test the gemstone and it scratches it may be fake. If the gemstone you are considering is a lot of money, then I do suggest you get it an appraisal done by a jeweler you trust. They will be able to give you an official certification, of the amount the gemstone is valued at, caret weight, and what grade it is. So in the future you know for insurance purposes, and for resell value.

chalcedony gemstone

The Chalcedony Gemstone and why we love to design jewelry with It!

The chalcedony gemstone known as the air and water goddesses stone.
The chalcedony gemstone come in soft colors ranging from soft mint greens to blue, pink, soft grays, Ivory and pale yellow. This gemstone can be found in countries such as Brazil, India, Namibia, Madagascar, and the United States. Depending on the country the stone will be different colors, but the most brilliant, and beautiful chalcedony gemstones, come from Namibia.
The chalcedony gemstone is the good luck stone for Cancer and Sagittarius, the energy in this natural gemstone according to the Tibetans improves purity and concentration. Help’s one to be calm and composed. It is best used around the neck area, helps to protect against infections and is good for the vocal cords. This gemstone has been called the air and the water gemstone of the gods and according to the Greeks it is associated with the weather.
When buying this gemstone the price will depend on the cut and quality and size of the gemstone. The high price chalcedony comes from Namibia. It is good to ask what country your gemstones come from, it gives you a good idea of its quality. This gemstone comes in rough cuts, tumbled cuts, and facet cuts. Facet cuts are usually higher in price.
At The Butler Collection we love designing jewelry with this gemstone, because it offers us a great range of soft colors, and usually we use only the facet cut chalcedony gemstone, because of it’s quality, light, and fresh sparkle it gives off. It is also a gemstone that can be cut in different shapes, which allows us to design creative beautiful jewelry. It’s a gemstone that is often affordable to work with, so you get an exquisite piece of jewelry, which will look great for years to come, at a good price point. We have many designs in our collection with this gemstone from our earrings, rings, to pendants, and statement necklaces. Take a moment and check out our collection of chalcedony jewelry at www.thebutlercollection.com.