Why Buy Canadian Made natural gemstone jewelry?

gemstone jewelry

For many people, buying Canadian made products, is a point of pride, in supporting our Canadian designers. But in reality, with most of our products, coming out of china and overseas, these days it is important to know what kind of materials, actually exist in the jewelry you are wearing. You should question is it safe, are there any toxic materials, or metals like Cadmium and lead in the jewelry? Cadmium is also used as a stabilizer in many plastics as well, that is used in making jewelry. So you need to question these kinds of materials, and as well as the base metals, in your costume jewelry.
Buying handcrafted Canadian gemstone jewelry, the designer or company, should know exactly what is in their products, and how safe they are. The other factors to consider is the Green technology side of wearing natural gemstones, in pure sterling silver or Gold. Many plastic end up in our oceans, and landfills, causing harmful effects to our environments. Some of the harmful side effects of toxic materials like lead and Cadmium, are increasing in bone loss, kidney damage, ingestions of suspected carcinogens.
We see a lot of low cost jewelry in many stores today, but buyer beware, of what you are buying, and putting on your body. Know that not all that sparkles is gold, and if the person selling you the jewelry, cannot answer your questions, do not buy it.
At The Butler Collection we use only the safest, and finest, components in our jewelry designs, your health and beauty is our first priority. Wearing natural gemstones, and pearls, are not only beautiful, but are filled with natural, healthy energy from mother earth. We set them in pure metals, so they are safe and healthy, with lasting beauty. Invest a little, but gain a lot. It is our pleasure to service our customer’s needs, with custom made jewelry, or buying our ready-made. Whatever suits your needs, and make you picture perfect, for your special events, or work life, we are there to assist you. So whose sparkle are you wearing?

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