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Bridal Party Jewellery

The Butler Collection offers you the best quality in  bridal party jewellery online and in-store. We design our own jewellery to be distinct and fashionable and can customize them to suit your wedding and bridal needs. Also, you can select matching wedding colours from our gemstone collections. Our bridal pieces are both beautiful and affordable. We understand that different people have different budgets. Send a picture to us or mail us a swatch if you need our help to match jewellery selections to your wedding colours. You can buy online but you also have the comfort of knowing that we have a real brick-and-mortar store located in Toronto.
We want to ensure that you are happy and have your wedding day your way!

High Quality Bridal Jewelry in Toronto

Searching for the best high-quality bridal jewelry in Toronto and Etobicoke?  Or looking to order online and fast delivery of  exquisite jewelry. The Butler Collection is the solution! Our fine collection of handcrafted jewelry is sure to please. We offer high-end jewelry at the most affordable prices. Our custom jewelry designs are fully personalized to fit your style, occasion, and accent any outfit. We have the pieces of  jewelry to impress with style, elegance, and panache.

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View our wedding jewelry collection today! We specialize in decadent women’s jewelry, corporate jewelry designs and gemstone designs. We take pride in the fine art of handcrafted custom jewelry, with a process that marries innovative techniques and traditional jewelry making. Want to create unique bridal jewelry like none other? Searching for an alternative to standard diamond rings? We specialize in taking your ideas and bringing them to life through a process of meticulous craftsmanship, care and the highest level of attention to detail. Our original gemstone and diamond ring creations are ideal for brides to be, bridesmaids and mothers of brides.

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