Why is Paraiba Tourmaline so Highly Sought After?

Why Is Paraiba Tourmaline so highly sought after


First of all what s Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba Tourmaline’s name is a combination of its gemstone family, Tourmaline, and the location of where it was found, in Paraiba, Brazil. Tourmaline is derived from the Sinhalese ‘turmali' meaning 'stone with mixed colors' referring to the diverse variety of colored gemstones within this family.  In fact The Paraiba tourmaline where it is mostly mined in Brazil, whose source has almost already dried up.

Paraiba Tourmaline colors is often referred to as 'electric' or 'neon'. The aura of these treasures of Nature is both fresh and spirited at the same time. These cupriferous tourmalines from the Mina da Batalha in the Federal Brazilian State of Paraiba are, rare and precious. In fact the colors can vary from a light mint green to different hues of neon blues. Paraiba Tourmaline is considered the most beautiful variety of Tourmaline. Due to the high content of metal stones, it shimmers into different colors. The blue and green Paraiba tourmalines are very popular gemstones. It is symbolized for wisdom, voice, insight and creativity. It relates to light, life, love, expression and earth through its effects on chakras. This beautiful stone is rare because of the mines drying up, and because of its beauty, and beautiful energy.

Paraiba tourmaline is the birthstone for the month of October. As such, it makes an excellent gift for someone born in that month. Tourmalines have been valued throughout history as a stone of power and meaning. The Paraiba tourmaline, albeit relatively new, is believed to hold properties that can strengthen your insight and intuition.

So if you are lucky enough to own this rare and beautiful gemstone, treasure it for the extraordinary gift that Mother Nature give us.

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