7 Key Things You need to Know about Social Media Marketing!

7 Key Things, You need to know about Social Media Marketing !

1 Be a brand champion in your visuals and graphics, make sure they are engaging and grab attention.
Be a noise maker with your photos and visuals, a picture can speak volumes to your customers and target markets. They can let your customers know exactly what you do, and how your business, whether it be products, or services, can be of benefit to them. Have a clear visual, which is both eye catching, and tells a story. Your image is your brand, make sure they are professional looking, and tell your customers just who you are, and what you offer.
2 Emotional Branding
One key element in your ads and marketing, is tapping into your customers’ emotions. When you are able to break through to your customers in this way, you create, powerful and personal ties to your brand. Whatever makes you stand out in the crowd, and can be of benefit to your customers, it is this feature that will cause them to act and become your customer.
For Example. I am a jewelry designer, there are many jewelry products out on the market today, so what makes The Butler Collection stand out and why should my customers buy it.
Answer- The Butler Collection offers one of a kind, and limited edition pieces of jewelry, that are fine handcrafted, gemstones, pearls and crystals which are set into precious metals, such as 14 K Gold, and Sterling silver.
Benefits to my customers are:
They can be their own kind of beautiful, in one of a kind designs, which allows them to stand out in the crowd. They will own a great quality piece of jewelry, they will have forever. They will look professional, and polished for whatever event or work they do. They can have custom work done, at their convenience. They can have, a one on one style consolation, with a stylist who has worked in the fashion industry for many years, and have dressed and styled celebrities for many red carpet events. The Butler Collection jewelry, is natural gemstones and precious metals, so they are healthy for your body, with no harmful toxins in them. In fact, natural gemstones are well known for all their great energy and healing effects. The Butler Collection also offers affordable prices, and value for the modern woman of today.
When I go live on Facebook, I will also give you examples of services as well, for this section.

3 Provide Useful Content that offers value to your followers, and customer base.
Yes, I know we have all heard this before, but honestly wanting to help others, grow their businesses, or services they offer, look their best, or feel their best, is a very important part of being authentic in your business. This is the best way I know how, to build great relationships, and allow others to benefit, from your experiences and knowledge. Do not just talk about your own business, but show others how many of the things you have learned, over the years, can be of benefit to their businesses, or in their professional work life.
4 Connect and have conversations with your audience
Inspire your customers, show your products and services in action, have conversations with them. Answer their questions directly when possible. Listen to what they are saying about your products, or whatever service you offer.
5 Be Consistent
Every time you are on any of social media outlets, know that your customers are watching. Be consistent with your well designed cohesive brand ads. How you act, and what you say, all gives your customers a reason to shop, or hire and work with you. Or not! Know being professional is important on many levels. You want to establish creditable, honesty, and be knowledgeable. Today it’s a well-known fact that how you look, and act affect your business life. People are consistently passing judgement, on you and your products and services. So give them a reason to want to connect, and work or buy your products.
6 Have a personality that stands out!
You need to be memorable, create content and brand ads, which rock with personality. Have interesting visual content, tell stories with your ads, which are captivating to your audience, so they want to know more. Or create looks that they want to emulate. You are your own brand ambassador, so whatever image you put forth, is how your customers will see you, and your brand. If you are a service, be an example to your customers of how you can make a difference in their businesses, or in their life’s. Creating a personality-driven content and visuals, will not only start new conversations, but will grow your followers.
7 Get on Broad with Different Social Media outlets.
Expand your social media platforms. There is more than just Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Google+ groups are highly inactive communities, and can drive traffic to your business. Pinterest and snapchat, are also great for certain audiences. Spotify, YouTube and LinkedIn are also channels, which can be very valuable in growing your business. Knowing your target audience and where they hang out is of great value.

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